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Welcome!  My name is Kim Lebbing, and I teach families how to cook nourishing, living foods that heal.  I am passionate about eating real food.  I believe that when you eat the food you were designed to eat, your body will respond in a positive way.  I've experienced this first-hand, with my own families health journey.  (My Story)

 I am now offering phone consultations if you need a little extra guidance!


Why do I take and recommend Juice Plus+??  Because it is real food with a food label that helps support a healthy gut and immune system.   Now that I know what I know about the research behind it, I would never want to be without it.  Learn more

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What Others are Saying:

Your Traditional Food Basics Class was great!  I loved to hear how "food" healed your family!  Your presentation was easy to understand and I got a lot of good tips.  Thank you for your recipe handouts!  I am so excited to start making my very own fermented condiments and driinks!  Here's to good health for my whole family!

Your willingness to share your knowledge about nourishing eating has been instrumental in helping my family switch from a processed food diet to a healthier, wholesome way of life.   We still have a ways to go but I am thankful to know that you are there as a resource for us.   Many blessings to you!
Ellen H.